Billion Acts of Peace

Billion Acts of Peace is an initiative started by the non-profit organization Peace Jam. The goal of the initiative is to inspire a billion acts of peace by 2020 across 10 key categories such as climate change, women’s rights, and ending racism.
I collaborated with a cross-functional team of Googlers and stakeholders from the Billion Acts of Peace team to rebrand, relaunch their website, and provide a vision for a mobile app that allowed the community to share & celebrate their acts of peace.


Work produced at Google
Project Managers: Jay Castro, Melody Cheung
Design Lead: Aldis Ozolins
UX Design: Yuan Chen, Zhu Zhu, Sheryl Soo
UX Research: Chantrelle Johanson
Engineering: Will Horn, Jonathan Gerrish, Maria Piao, Jessica Yoshimi

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